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Expertise In P.L.C

We provide the services and logistic support to our valuable client with specified mention in contract in which all kinds of instrumentation system with the usage of programmable logic controller to enhance the reliablebility, arability and opti-mized result of the instrument control system in addition to failsafe operation to the max. Extent. In order to ensure the reliability and security of the system, prior to the design of the system it is important to make certain that the conditions in which it will be installed is well understood.

Basically, the stresses on the PLC system (temperature, humidity, vibrations, shocks, corrosive gases, over current , noise etc.) need to be reduced as much as possible. However, the extent to which measures need to be taken in this regard will depend upon the likelihood of problems arising, the conditions in which the system is installed, and the cost of implementing measures. .


Training Courses

We are providing the training of PLC, A/C drives, Drilling Instrumentation.We provided the plc training with Saxon Energy.


Projects in the field

Saddi Cement

Provide Consultancy Service For Installation And Operation Of Siemens PLC System For The Entire Plant.

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Saddi Cement

Hub Petro Chemical

Installation , Commission And Testing Of Field Processing Instrumentation System.

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Hub Petro Chemical