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Fire And Gas Systems

These systems are highly sensitive and intelligent. They sense the inflammable gas, material or liquid spill at an early stage. They also detect the fire within the working environment and give audible and visual signals of the threat detected. These systems can be activated automatically or manually . There are other systems like Pressure Safety Valves (PSV) and Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESS) that are widely used in the manufacturing industry.

Training Courses

We are providing the training of PLC, A/C drives, Drilling Instrumentation.We provided the plc training with Saxon Energy.

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Projects in the field

Zafa Pharmaceutical

Develop Program On Siemens Plc For Levelling Machine And Install Fire Detection System For Entire Plant.

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Zafa Pharmaceutical

Hub Petro Chemical

Installation , Commission And Testing Of Field Processing Instrumentation System.

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Hub Petro Chemical